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Luca aka “Look @ F” was born in Roma (Italy) became a DJ when he was 2 y.o. trying to put 2 records into the portable record player at the same time, actually he doesn’t remember how many times his mom had to buy a new one. Since the late 80’s, he’s been spinning house music all over clubs based in Rome… Alien, Piper Club, Follia, Jacky’O, Mucca Assassina, Alibi, Distillerie Clandestine) and all over the Italy as well (Prince, Baia Imperiale, Holliwood, Magazzini generali, Royalton,) . He has DJ’ed all around Europe, in famous clubs such as Ministry of Sound (UK), LeQueen (France), and also in Spain, Germany and Swiss.
Gary Owen head of TopJox dj agency told about him ” is a superb designer mix DJ from Italy his presentation is brilliant. He has passion and plenty of Italian energy to carry any dance set. Superb booking for all kinds of large functions and clubs anywhere” from November 2010 on MakeMusic web radio and Adrenalin FM with his show „Who’s that DJ“ where he had the pleasure of interviewing international artists such as Barbara Tucker, Robin S, Michele McCain (Just to name a few)
Recently Luca meets a legend of House music industry, Eddie Gordon, who was impressed by Luca’s talent deciding to give him the big chance to cooperate with him on several projects and to connect him with other big producers and singers such as Rod Carrillo (Carrillo Music), Consuelo Costin , Michele Deepe and so on!
** DISCOGRAPHY ** Releases 2010 Elettronika (Bite Records) 2011 Que Bonito EP (Beat Rude Records) reached #1 on Beatport label top10, #1 on DjTunes Top10 2011 Face to Face EP (Beat Rude Records) reached #1 on DjTunes Top10, charted on Beatport label top10 2011 Rainman EP (Ibiza night records)
2011 U want 2 dance EP (Beat Rude records) charted on DJTunes Top 10
2012 La Maggica (Beat Rude Records)
Remixes 2010 Braineaters, Skoof – (Look @ F rmx) – Beat Rude Records 2011 Seb Marquez – My Sound (Look @ F remix) – Voch records 2011 Alter Form – Ghost Town (Look @ F remix) – Beat Rude Records 2011 Skoof – Deep Throat (Look @ F remix) – Beat Rude Records 2011 Alex Ricardo – Tribalism (Look @ F remix) – Beat Rude Records – Charted on DJTunes Top100
2011 Mark Byron – Sex in the music (Look @ F remix) – Ibiza Night records
2011 Alex Ricardo – Expression (Look @ F remix) – Beat Rude records
2011 Michele McCain – Your Love (Look @ F remix) – Marivent Music International
2011 Ginny Koppenhol – Thirty (Look @ F remix) – Beat Rude Records
2011 Chibella – Resolutions (Look@F Remix) – Mirabel recordings
2011 DJ Runo – Haxface (Look @ F remix) – Housecast records
2012 Audiojackerz – Nocturnal (Look @ F remix) – Cherry Drop records
2012 Michele McCain – If you don’t know me (Look @ F remix) – Marivent Music International
2012 Resolutions – Chibella (Look @ F remix) – Mirabel recordings
2012 Antoninii – Outburst (Look @ F remix) – Beat Rude Records
2012 Agraba – Space Odyssey (Look @ F remix) – Crossworld records
2012 Consuelo Costin – Feel so alive (Look @ F remix) – Soho Muse – reached #1 on Kings of Spins Top20
2012 Michelé Deepé – I want you (Look @ F Mix) – Frenetic – Chearted on Kings of Spins Top20
2012 Sandro Locco – My House (Look @ F remix)
2012 RCDM feat. Candace Sames – Yes No Baby (Look @ F remix) – Carrillo music
2012 Michelé Deepé – Why Don’t U Love Me Like U Used To Do (Look @ F rmx) – Frenetic – #1 at Beatport Label Top10
2012 Julissa Veloz – Very brady day (Look @ F club mix) – Carrillo Music
2012 Michelé Deepé – Smile at the camera (Look @ F remix) – Frenetic
2012 Michelé Deepé – Look at the light (Look @ F remix) – Frenetic


Booking: booking@troppolocco.ch

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