Duo Diamonds

DUO DIAMONDS are one of the most popular and hottest girl’ DJ duet in the world.

They make people dance and go crazy on the dance floor, they rock the
crowd with huge passion that comes from the heart, with huge energy,
that combines music, beauty and professional dj-skills, they are
outstandingly beautiful and luxurious as precious jewelry, shining
like a diamonds, fashion forward icons.

Duo Diamonds visited more than 30 countries, among them: France,
Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, UAE, China, Lebanon, Jordan, Russia,
Turkey, Croatia, South Korea, Malaysia, Maldives, Seychelles and many

They had a photoshoot for the male glossy magazine “Guts” that was
published in France with circulation of 3 million copies, also for
“Loaded”, “XXL”, "Maxim", "FHM", "Bling" (South Korea) magazines.

Duo Diamonds performed on huge festivals as: in Music Space Ibiza
2012, World's Longest Bar 2012, Bombman Festival 2013.

Played a DJ-set at the bottom of the birthday the heir of the royal
family in Malaysia, SuperMartxe Party.

Private celebration on the Maldives Islands 2012 and official
headliners at the opening and final party of reality show - "In search
of pirate treasure" 2013, Seychelles Islands.

Official headliners on agent Provocateur and Victoria's Secret
Parties and Bal Russe de Paris (Paris, France), FHM Birthday Party,
Moscow; Centurion Studios model agency opening party (Kiev, Ukraine);

Official guests of the Ukrainian Fashion Week 2011 and Tbilisi
Fashion Week 2012.

Official partners of Fashion TV and A3 Network.

Best DJ Show according to Pro DJ Awards 2011.



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