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DJ Antonius (Anthony) Best DJ in Seychelles Lives & Breathes Music… His unlimited talent & exceptional hearing for sounds can be seen in his unique style & mixing. After his first ever experience in a club at the age of 16 he grew an insatiable appetite for mixing… His interest took him as far as the local station in Union Vale Seychelles for work experience 2003 that was the year that his love for music started manifesting itself…. collecting music of all nature became an obsession! He performed underground for small parties in order to gain experience & better his style…Editing & mixing music in his small room in his parent’s house took every little spare time & pocket money he had…


Antonius took it to the next level by organizing House Parties & events in Clubs & Bars in Accra, Ghana… still experimenting with different types of music on his crowd. It was then that his passion for music exploded in the form of House Music. DJ Antonius got residencies in top places such as Bella Roma Restaurant/Lounge, Kahuna Nightclub, Tantra Nightclub, Wakkiki Nightclub.

It was also during that time that he grew passion  and decide to take it one step higher by starting to produce his own sounds..


Antonius made sure at least once a year he would return back home to promote his passion of EDM in the club scene. Spinning in the two best clubs on the island Tequila Boom Nightclub & Katiolo Night club.

2010 DJ Antonius made a special performance at The Underwater festival SUBIOS at Beau-Vallon Beach (Seychelles) were he made a incredible impact that moved every single crowd of various ages attending the festval, which the following year the CEO of the Subios festival organiser STB (Seychelles Tourism Board) called upon him to close the three days festival with an enegetic performance to help make this a new trend for this event.

Antonius together with the world’s sexiest DJ Juicy M spinned alongside each other open air at Subios 2011,
As a result of this major event, Antonius gained a great deal of credibility & respect both locally & internationally.

2011 Antonius did a great impact as he appeared as a special guest dj along with Teekay (Germany) in Dubai at  the Chi at the Lodge club where top named djs such as Bob Sinclar comes to perform frequently.


International recognition as a Pro, DJ Antonius was approached by WorldTopDjs Agency & personally invited by the Director Mr. Nadeem Y Chaudhary to judge the 10th Middle East DJ challenge which took place on 1st April 2011; alongside professionals such as DJ Drager (No.1 Electro DJ in USA), DJ Teekay (Germany), DJ Domination, DJ Saeed Murad & DJ Juicy M (No.1 Female DJ in Ukraine)….

Recently a couple of his tracks excluding one remix “Conga Groove, Fusion Electric & Holding Hands Remix” was signed by Italy based label “Jambalay Records”.


DJ Antonius won an AWARD for his Johnny Walker Keep Walking Party mix recorded  live at Tequila boom nightclub for Best mix on WTD (WorldTopDjs.Com) “according to WTD’’ which he received during the Middle East Challenge…The Dream Manifesting Before His Eyes…..


2012 was a remarkable year for Antonius as he was signed by an Italy based Record label Jambalay Records which released numerous of his productions and Remixes starting with Conga Groove EP, Thor, Touch my It, Holding Hands. With collaborations from Powerful vocalist Mike (young lion) Anderson, Nistrum, Roberto Milanesi (El Brujo), Pietro Ruocco, Disco Mike & Jason Dub. You can find DJ Antonius Tracks on most of online portals such as Beatport, I-tunes, Amazon & Juno..

It was also this very year that Antonius did the first ever Rave in his home land where one of Europes top dj Marc Fisher of  Tactical records/Tiger records/CR2 records/Strickly Rhythm and a very good friend of Antonius came to Seychelles to support his Festival (Dream Session DJ Festival) which took place  in the heart of the city’s  stadium car park which pulled a crowd of 2000 people until late in the morning.

2013 is another promising year for this young  DJ/Producer/Remixer starting off the year another two of his tracks was released on his label “La Verdad & No Control (Remix)”.  This year New featured collaboration of Antonius in the production scene will be with Marc Fisher & the legend Carlos Mendes.. Surprise keeps coming as Antonius did a dancefloor killer remix of Germany’s Lissat & Voltaxx “Blackout (Techno Talker remix)”  together with another funky  beat remix track “Lighten up” . We are expecting only the best from this young & talented DJ for years to come as he was recently invited by TROPPOLOCCO EVENTS to join B-BASH Meets PUKKA UP held at the Famous Vanilla Club Switzerland alongside the likes of The Chris Beats, DJ Flowtec, Sandro Locco, MTS, Kevin Da Silva, Rockwell Noize, Rafa Lusso & DJ Solovey…

On his way to this Event Antonius made a pit stop in Dubai to spin alongside Pascal Tokar one of Switzerland’s best at Club Mint.



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